ProxyInspector ist ein effektives Tool zur Analyse der Internetnutzung in Ihrem Unternehmen

ProxyInspector for WinProxy version history

[-] - Bug fixed
[*] - Feature changed/improved
[+] - Feature added

21 March 2007
ProxyInspector for WinProxy 2.7f
[*] support for Windows Vista
[+] IP address alias substitution in report header
[*] correct behaviour with large fonts in Windows
[-] few fixes in Microsoft Excel export routine

17 Februar 2006
ProxyInspector for WinProxy 2.7d
[+] working time filter in reports
[*] enhanced task scheduler
[-] fixed "Invalid value 0.01 for property MinValue in class PercentEdit" error

10 March 2005
ProxyInspector for WinProxy 2.7c
[+] support for MHT report format in console
[+] Task scheduler
 Report template copying
 Italian language added
[+] Interbase support added to the main distributive

[*] optimized memory usage during report generation

14 Oktober 2004
[+] sites exclusion by mask
[+] IP addresses exclusion by mask
[+] option for custom DNS server
[*] -no_rewrite switch in PIConsole, with this switch report will not be rewrited if target file exists
[*] improved management for IP aliases
[*] improved date/time selection dialog
[*] number of simultaneously runned DNS queries increased to 200
[-] incorrect date/time processing with specific regional settings
[-] incorrect report emailing in HTML

[-] GUI and console now works properly under Windows 2003 Server Remote Desktop session

11 March 2004
[+] SMTP authorisation using LOGIN or CRAM-MD5 methods now supported
[+] 7-bit encoded subjects now supported
[+] full database cleaning now can be done through menu

[+] aliases for IP addresses
report export into .mht format
 support for log files larger then 2Gb
faster records compression
extended site categorisation mode
[*] -no_rewrite switch in PIConsole, with this switch report will not be rewrited if target file exists

[-] fixed incorrect Excel sheets naming

21 Oktober 2003
[+] sites in report now can be grouped by categories
[+] new PIConsole.exe command: -repair_pdx, used to verify and if needed repair local database

WinProxy 5.1 support

29 March 2003
[+] charts added

10 November 2002
[+] records compression feature added, significantly increases import and report creation speed, upgrading instructions here

10 October 2002
[-] fixed problem with PIConsole when importing logs with reverse-DNS enabled
[-] fixed potential problem on Pentium 4 systems

12 September 2002
[+] ability to save reports in Microsoft Excel format

19 June 2002
[+] support for CSS in HTML-reports, significantly reduces report file size
[*] more accurate URL processing

22 April 2002
[-] minor fixes in DNS resolver

29 March 2002
[-] minor fixes in import procedure

19 March 2002
[+] ProxyInspector console(PIConsole.exe) now can create reports

8 March 2002
[*] import speed increased up to 2 times
[+] protocols editor added(Database | Protocols editor )

2 February 2002
[*] import speed increased up to 1.5-2 times
[+] "live" links in reports

21 December 2001
[*] improved log files processing

5 December 2001
Final release.

22 November 2001
Release Candidate 1.

13 November 2001
[-] many bug fixes
[+] new command line switch added to PIConsole.exe: -packdb, allows to pack database after records deletion
[*] major internal redesign, distributive is now about 450 Kb smaller than earlier

24 September 2001
First public beta version.


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Ich habe winproxy für mehrere Jahre benutz und fand es immer sehr sicher. Aber das war, bevor ich ProxyInspector für Winproxy benutzte, das ich völlig gebrauchen kann und hilfreiche Berichte generieren kann. Dieses Produkt ist ausgezeichten und verdankt den Entwicklern leichte und hilfreiche Berichtoptionen. Es hat alle Funkitonen, die ich brauche.

Nick Wheeler,
Ballina Shire Council